Pawnfi Testnet is Live

All chains are sharing the same front-end interface.

NSA Marketplace

Non-Standard Asset is more than NFTs


Art | Collectibles | Gaming …

LP Tokens

Balancer | Curve | Uniswap …



Utility Tokens

Computing Power | Governance …


Derivatives | Insurance | Synthetics …

More To Come

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All Weather Pawn Shop Experience

One stop platform for customizable Pawn/ Lease/ Sale

Place asset(s) as collateral to borrow funds

Crowd Lending: Do fund-raing from the crowd to increase efficiency

Bundle Collateral: A basket of assets can be wrapped up for one single contract

Installment Plan: Repayment can be split into different schedules to mitigate default risk

Pool Lending (Coming Soon): Liquidity pool will always be ready for your high turnover rate asset

Optimize the utilization rate of NSA without ownership transfer

Deposit Leasing: Place required deposit to borrow asset from others

Collateral Swap Leasing (Coming Soon): Place asset(s) as collateral to borrow asset from others

Simplest way in the market to generatre liquidity

Appraising (Coming Soon)

Appraising: Introduce willingness to lend concept to crowd-appraise the fair value of NSA as collaterals

Investors & Partners